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Loose Estates Records Decedent Index

 Each link will open the list of names found in that range, with year and county. Remember to think about alternate spellings, and that alternate spellings may be in different lists.

Aaren - Aldridge

Dabbs - Davie

Hogue - Holston

Murdock - Myriver

Smithdeal - Spaight

Alexander - Alston

Davis - Davy

Holt - Horser

Nadal - Newburgh

Spain - Sprouse

Altman - Armsworthy

Daw - DeOliviria

Horten - Howell

Newby - Nix

Spruel - Staples

Arnell - Ayscue

Depo - Dobson

Howelton - Hunsucker

Nixon - Nye

Starbuck - Stewitt

Babb - Balcon

Doby - Drumwright

Hunt - Hysmith

Oakley - Osburn

Stiers - Stricklin

Baldwin - Barlowe

Drurey - Dyson

Ibbeken - Izell

Osgood - Ozborn

Strikeleather - Sussdorff

Barnacasel - Bastin

Eacles - Edsel

Jack - Jarvis

Pace - Parker

Sutanna - Syviles

Batchellor - Bears

Edward - Elliott

Jasper - Johnsen

Parkes - Patton

Tabb - Tayloe

Beasley - Belk

Ellis - Estep


Paul - Peggs


Bell - Benson

Estes - Ezzell

Johnston - Jonas

Pegram - Perritt

Teaboe - Thigpen

Bent - Biscoe

Fagan - Fernham

Jones - Jones, Joel

Perry - Pettway


Bisher - Blount

Ferrall - Fleshman

Jones, John - Joneson

Petty - Piemont

Thomason - Thomson

Blow - Boozer

Fletcher - Forneyduval

Jonnipce - Justin

Pierce - Pleasants

Thorburn - Tomkins

Bordan - Boyden

Forrest - Foxworth

Kagle - Kepply

Pledger - Pormore

Tomlin - Tucker

Boyer - Braxton

Foy - Frion

Kerby - Kinney

Port - Powell

Tudarey - Tyton

Bray - Brinn

Frisbee - Futrell

Kinnian - Kyser

Power - Prior

Ulrich - Uzzle

Brinson - Brosher

Gabard - Garrisson

Labberton - Lanham

Pritchard - Pyrtle

Vaden - Vurnakes

Brother - Brownell

Garrit - Gibbons

Lanier - Laxton

Quackenbush - Qunby

Wachecha - Wall

Browning - Buis

Gibbs - Gluck

Lay - Leicester

Rabb - Ray

Wallace - Ward

Bull - Burkett

Gobble - Goven

Leigh - Lewitt

Raybon - Relfe

Warden - Watson

Burkhard - Bussett

Gowan - Greeley

Lewry - Littleton

Reminger - Richards

Watt - Well

Butcher - Bysinger

Green - Gresham

Littman - Loring

Richardson - Ritter

Welles - Wharton

Cabaness - Carloss

Greundler - Grizzard

Lorre - Lytton

Rivenbach - Robertson

Wheadon - Whitcomb

Carlton - Carswell

Groce - Gwynn

Mabe - Markland

Robeson - Rolinson


Cartee - Catlick

Haack - Halsey

Marks - Massie

Roller - Rowlett

Whitehall - Wiesel

Caton - Chappell

Halso - Hardesty

Mast - McCombs

Royal - Ryson

Wiggins - Willey

Charles - Clapton

Hardie - Harrell

McCommon - McGoun

Sabeston - Saunderson

William - Williams, Joel

Clark - Clinch

Harrelson - Harris

McGowan - McNatt

Savage - Scotney

Williams, John - Williams, Zillah

Cline - Cogwell

Harrison - Hasty

McNaughton - Merreday

Scott - Setsor

Williamson - Wilroy

Cohen - Compton

Haswell - Hazlett

Merrell - Millard

Sett - Shemwell


Conaly - Copening

Head - Henby

Millen - Minter

Shepard - Shugart

Wilton - Wollard

Copes - Cowrey

Henderson - Hertel

Minton - Montfort

Shular - Simpson

Womack - Woosley

Cox - Creekmore

Hesse - Hileman

Montgomery - Mooreland

Sims - Smiley

Wooten - Wyrick

Crenshaw - Crunkleton

Hill - Hinch

Mooring - Morris

Smith - Smith, Jessie

Yaile - Zoeller

Cruse - Cuyler

Hinds - Hogshead

Morriseth - Murden

Smith, Jno - Smith, Zemri



Loose Estates Records Decedent Index v2

We have changed the format of the index. All decedent surnames beginning with the same initial letter will be found in the same group (The file with all surnames beginning with "A" is opened by clicking on the "A" icon, etc. - there are currently no names beginning with "X".) Each alphabet icon below will open a searchable pdf document in a new browser window. When finished with the list, just close the window - the window with this page will still be open.

Each document will list the names in that group, with year and county. Some of these files may have hundreds of pages, but the file sizes are relatively small, so researchers should have no problem opening them. Remember to consider alternate spellings. If any broken links are encountered, please report it to the NCGS Webmaster.


Although the lists are alphabetical, you may wish to search within one of these pdf documents. In almost any browser, you can use keyboard shortcuts.


Ctrl+F (Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS) or ⌘+F (Mac) to quickly open the find bar.
Type your search term in the find bar that appears in the top-right corner of the page, and press enter to search the page. Pressing enter again will find the next occurrence of the search term, and so on.







Index Yadkin

Yadkin County

Established in 1850 from Surry County.


Index not yet available.

Loose Estates Records County Index

Counties marked with an asterisk no longer exist, but the notes may be helpful in determining if any records survive, and where they might be found. Not all counties are indexed yet, but the county name on each page is linked to the appropriate Family Search page, if that county is available online. Those that are not are indicated as such. 
























































































 New Hanover





















Index Wilson

Wilson County

Established in 1855 from Edgecombe, Johnston, Nash, and Wayne counties. A few early court records are missing; reason unknown.


Index not yet available.

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