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Index Surname Wom-Woos

To browse the actual images, see: North Carolina, Estate Files, 1663-1979 at Family Search.


          Surnames Womack - Woosley


Womack, Abraham (1804) Lincoln
Womack, Abraham (1809) Caswell
Womack, Benjamin F (1860) Wake
Womack, Britain (1817) Chatham
Womack, Charles (1920) Chatham
Womack, Charlie (1934) Caswell
Womack, Clarenda (1888) Chatham
Womack, David (1813) Caswell
Womack, Dilly J (1935) Wake
Womack, Elizabeth (1869) Chatham
Womack, Fanny (1857) Chatham
Womack, Frances (1832) Wake
Womack, George (1925) Chatham
Womack, Green (1856) Chatham
Womack, J F (1888) Caswell
Womack, James (1823) Davidson
Womack, James (1883) Chatham
Womack, James G (1842) Caswell
Womack, Jehu (1794) Caswell
Womack, John (1831) Caswell
Womack, Joseph E (1858) Caswell
Womack, Josiah (1779) Caswell
Womack, Josiah (1831) Caswell
Womack, Josiah (1848) Caswell
Womack, Lewis (1915) Chatham
Womack, Mary (1841) Davidson
Womack, Matilda (1892) Chatham
Womack, Ollie (1931) Chatham
Womack, Peter (1900) Chatham
Womack, Pleasant (1866) Caswell
Womack, Richard (1837) Davidson
Womack, Rora (1848) Chatham
Womack, Samuel S (1863) Wake
Womack, Sarah M (1867) Caswell
Womack, Soloman (1875) Wake
Womack, Susie T (1906) Wake
Womack, T J (1869) Caswell
Womack, Wilie (1820) Wake
Womber, Frank C (1913) Buncombe
Womble, A T (1906) Wake
Womble, Aaron (1863) Chatham
Womble, Aaron T (1862) Chatham
Womble, Alfonso (1915) Chatham
Womble, B C (1916) Chatham
Womble, Cornelius (1863) Chatham
Womble, Dawson (1891) Wake
Womble, Eliza (1885) Chatham
Womble, Elizabeth (1875) Chatham
Womble, Fannie R (1891) Chatham
Womble, Frances (1891) Wake
Womble, George H (1915) Wake
Womble, George W (1914) Chatham
Womble, Hugh (1932) Chatham
Womble, J T (1923) Chatham
Womble, James (1832) Caswell
Womble, Jesse (1876) Chatham
Womble, Jesse C (1862) Chatham
Womble, Joel (1861) Chatham
Womble, John (1821) Edgecombe
Womble, John (1837) Chatham
Womble, John (1885) Wake
Womble, John (1897) Wake
Womble, John T (1892) Chatham
Womble, Jordan (1890) Wake
Womble, Joseph J (1857) Chatham
Womble, L F (1926) Wake
Womble, Laura Ann (1903) Wake
Womble, Lucinda Chatham
Womble, Merritt (1874) Wake
Womble, Merritt (1880) Caswell
Womble, Meryt (1897) Wake
Womble, Mial (1878) Chatham
Womble, Minnie (1904) Chatham
Womble, Mollie (1906) Chatham
Womble, Nial (1867) Chatham
Womble, Phoebe (1936) Chatham
Womble, R H (1894) Wake
Womble, Richard (1823) Chatham
Womble, Rufus (1909) Wake
Womble, Samuel (1814) Chatham
Womble, Thomas (1807) Chatham
Womble, Thomas (1911) Wake
Womble, Thomas C (1874) Chatham
Womble, Thomas N (1896) Chatham
Womble, Thomas W (1883) Chatham
Womble, Tyrell (1887) Chatham
Womble, W J (1918) Chatham
Womble, W N (1880) Wake
Womble, W R (1898) Wake
Womble, W T (1897) Wake
Womble, W T (1913) Wake
Womble, Walter L (1913) Wake
Womble, Walter R (1891) Wake
Womble, William (1825) Wake
Womble, William H (1862) Wake
Womble, William H (1885) Wake
Wommack, Isaac (1827) Davidson
Wommack, James (1827) Davidson
Wommack, Wilson (1845) Davidson
Wommack, Wilson (1852) Davidson
Wood, A D (1863) Franklin
Wood, A H (1889) Wake
Wood, A J (1899) Wake
Wood, A W (1911) Wake
Wood, Aaron (1846) Jones
Wood, Alfred (1888) Davidson
Wood, Aron (1754) Pasquotank
Wood, Bennett (1881) Franklin
Wood, Burrell (1847) Davidson
Wood, Burrell (1855) Davidson
Wood, C B (1867) Jones
Wood, Calvin (1869) Wake
Wood, Calvin (1937) Duplin
Wood, Caroline M (1886) Chowan
Wood, Casper (1862) Davidson
Wood, Charles E (1900) Pasquotank
Wood, Claud (1925) Chatham
Wood, Council B (1865) Craven
Wood, David (1903) Duplin
Wood, Dixie Leach (1939) Wake
Wood, E (1879) Pasquotank
Wood, Edom (1853) Davidson
Wood, Edward & Caroline (1887) Chowan
Wood, Edward (1827) Chowan
Wood, Edward (1874) Chowan
Wood, Edward (1883) Pasquotank
Wood, Elizabeth (1872) Pasquotank
Wood, Elizabeth C (1866) Craven
Wood, Evan (1790) Pasquotank
Wood, Franklin (1844) Davie
Wood, Frederick (1849) Jones
Wood, George (1778) Pasquotank
Wood, George (1872) Clay
Wood, Graham (1928) Chatham
Wood, H C (1913) Pasquotank
Wood, H J (1866) Davie
Wood, Hannah (1845) Jones
Wood, Hardy (1855) Craven
Wood, Hardy (1869) Franklin
Wood, Henry Bertie
Wood, Henry (1847) Franklin
Wood, Henry C (1857) Craven
Wood, Hoyle Edward (1938) Davidson
Wood, Humphrey (1786) Pasquotank
Wood, Isaac (1797) Chatham
Wood, Isaac F (1808) Chowan
Wood, Isaiah (1893) Craven
Wood, J H (1943) Alamance
Wood, J M (1867) Buncombe
Wood, J T (1902) Cleveland
Wood, J W (1904) Craven
Wood, Jacob (1837) Jones
Wood, Jacob P (1846) Cleveland
Wood, James Bertie
Wood, James & Betsy Ann (1918) Wake
Wood, James (1800) Craven
Wood, James (1825) Wake
Wood, James (1825) Chowan
Wood, James (1840) Davie
Wood, James (1850) Wake
Wood, James (1855) Pasquotank
Wood, James (1858) Davidson
Wood, James (1875) Wake
Wood, James (1891) Wake
Wood, James W (1867) Davidson
Wood, James W (1879) Davidson
Wood, Jarret (1849) Davidson
Wood, Jensey (1832) Davidson
Wood, Jeremiah (1793) Craven
Wood, Jesse Bertie
Wood, Jesse L (1824) Gates
Wood, John (1767) Chowan
Wood, John (1803) Pasquotank
Wood, John (1876) Franklin
Wood, John (1894) Davie
Wood, John A (1845) Davie
Wood, John B (1935) Wake
Wood, John E Bertie
Wood, John E, Dr. (1837) Chowan
Wood, John H (1854) Pasquotank
Wood, John H (1894) Lincoln
Wood, John L (1893) Pasquotank
Wood, John M Bertie
Wood, John W Bertie
Wood, Jonas Bertie
Wood, Jonathan R & William (1885) Pasquotank
Wood, Joseph Bertie
Wood, Joseph (1819) Jones
Wood, Joseph (1822) Pasquotank
Wood, Joseph G (1829) Craven
Wood, Joseph L (1896) Catawba
Wood, Joshua (1825) Davidson
Wood, Joshua H (1849) Pasquotank
Wood, Josiah (1820) Edgecombe
Wood, L H (1900) Wake
Wood, Lambert (1873) Wake
Wood, Lambert (1891) Wake
Wood, Lavinia (1904) Franklin
Wood, Lucinda (1914) Granville
Wood, M A (1907) Cleveland
Wood, M M (1881) Wake
Wood, Malary M (1871) Wake
Wood, Malcom J (1895) Wake
Wood, Marcom (1871) Wake
Wood, Margaret (1849) Pasquotank
Wood, Margaret (1862) Davidson
Wood, Margaret (1890) Buncombe
Wood, Martha E (1922) Pasquotank
Wood, Martha J (1889) Wake
Wood, Mary Bertie
Wood, Mary (1797) Pasquotank
Wood, Meriam (1797) Pasquotank
Wood, Moses Bertie
Wood, Newton (1833) Wake
Wood, Notman (1859) Chowan
Wood, Pennie (1898) Franklin
Wood, R C Wake
Wood, R W (1862) Davidson
Wood, R W (1927) Wake
Wood, Rebecca (1824) Davidson
Wood, Richard (1837) Chowan
Wood, Robert (1906) Wake
Wood, Sallie (1895) Franklin
Wood, Sanas Bertie
Wood, Sarah (1833) Chowan
Wood, Sarah (1854) Jones
Wood, Seth (1815) Chowan
Wood, Solomon (1777) Pasquotank
Wood, Spence (1883) Pasquotank
Wood, Spencer (1887) Davidson
Wood, T C (1920) Lincoln
Wood, T J (1929) Wake
Wood, Tempie (1908) Franklin
Wood, Thos M (1893) Cleveland
Wood, Uz (1863) Columbus
Wood, Vincent (1839) Davidson
Wood, W A (1922) Davidson
Wood, W C (1881) Chowan
Wood, W D (1853) Davidson
Wood, W D (1935) Alamance
Wood, W S (1908) Cleveland
Wood, William (1735) Chowan
Wood, William (1751) Chowan
Wood, William (1755) Pasquotank
Wood, William (1764) Bute
Wood, William (1789) Craven
Wood, William (1823) Davidson
Wood, William (1827) Chowan
Wood, William (1832) Pasquotank
Wood, William (1853) Davidson
Wood, William (1910) Pamlico
Wood, William C (1879) Chowan
Wood, William D (1909) Davie
Wood, William H (1852) Craven
Wood, William H (1853) Jones
Woodall, A L (1886) Wake
Woodall, A P (1869) Wake
Woodall, A P (1891) Wake
Woodall, B C (1939) Wake
Woodall, George W (1892) Wake
Woodall, Marion J (1863) Wake
Woodall, Seth (1900) Edgecombe
Woodard (1802) Edgecombe
Woodard, Andrew J (1863) Wake
Woodard, Asa (1816) Edgecombe
Woodard, David (1799) Edgecombe
Woodard, David (1836) Duplin
Woodard, Elisha (1835) Edgecombe
Woodard, Ellen (1905) Chowan
Woodard, George (1834) Edgecombe
Woodard, Gray W (1867) Edgecombe
Woodard, Guy F (1915) Lincoln
Woodard, Henry (1859) Craven
Woodard, J A (1889) Chowan
Woodard, James (1821) Edgecombe
Woodard, James (1861) Chatham
Woodard, James (1886) Gates
Woodard, James A (1889) Chowan
Woodard, John (1799) Duplin
Woodard, John (1822) Edgecombe
Woodard, John (1876) Gates
Woodard, John (1892) Craven
Woodard, John N (1871) Pasquotank
Woodard, Julon (1826) Edgecombe
Woodard, M W (1915) Wake
Woodard, Mary (1857) Edgecombe
Woodard, Mary A & James (1895, 1881)    Franklin
Woodard, Richard F (1849) Wake
Woodard, Sarah (1871) Chatham
Woodard, Stephen Chowan
Woodard, T F (1887) Pamlico
Woodard, W R (1909) Buncombe
Woodard, William (1851) Edgecombe
Woodberry, David (1781) Craven
Woodburn, Eliel (1893) Anson
Woodburn, Lyndon M (1901) Anson
Woodbury, R N (1900) Buncombe
Woodell, Mark (1874) Chatham
Woodfin, E G, Mrs. (1876) Buncombe
Woodfin, J N (1874) Catawba
Woodfin, J W (1874) Catawba
Woodfin, John W (1863) Buncombe
Woodfin, John W (1870) Cherokee
Woodfin, N W (1875) Buncombe
Woodfin, W (1879) Catawba
Woodford, George (1836) Lincoln
Woodhouse, D W (1925) Currituck
Woodhouse, Edmond W (1853) Currituck
Woodhouse, Edward S (1855) Currituck
Woodhouse, Elihu (1861) Currituck
Woodhouse, J M (1887) Currituck
Woodhouse, John Currituck
Woodhouse, John (1785) Chowan
Woodhouse, John (1785) Currituck
Woodhouse, John (1793) Currituck
Woodhouse, Lancelot (1873) Currituck
Woodhouse, Lancelot (1887) Currituck
Woodhouse, Margaret (1882) Currituck
Woodhouse, Peggy (1882) Currituck
Woodhouse, S F (1885) Currituck
Woodhouse, Tanseylot (1873) Currituck
Woodhouse, Thomas (1873) Currituck
Woodle, D M (1925) Davidson
Woodley, A T (1874) Pasquotank
Woodley, Hezekiah (1796) Pasquotank
Woodley, Thomas (1870) Craven
Woodley, William (1756) Pasquotank
Woodley, William (1825) Pasquotank
Woodley, Willis Currituck
Woodley, Willis (1805) Gates
Woodley, Willis (1807) Chowan
Woodlief, Benjamin (1880) Franklin
Woodlief, J O & Dawson Wake
Woodlief, John O (1897) Wake
Woodlief, Jonah (1925) Wake
Woodlief, Joseph B (1921) Wake
Woodlief, Laban (1900) Wake
Woodlief, Martha A (1903) Wake
Woodlief, Martha N (1929) Wake
Woodlief, N H (1907) Granville
Woodlief, S G (1907) Franklin
Woodlief, Sallie (1902) Franklin
Woodly, William (1737) Chowan
Woodman, George W (1834) Edgecombe
Woodman, Job E & Frances Edgecombe
Woodman, Richard (1794) Edgecombe
Woodring, Daniel (1825) Lincoln
Woodring, H (1879) Alexander
Woodruff, A J (1890) Alleghany
Woodruff, Andrew J (1863) Alleghany
Woodruff, Joshua (1904) Caldwell
Woodruff, Moses (1892) Alleghany
Woodruff, Ruffin (1893) Alleghany
Woodruff, William (1872) Alleghany
Woods, A M (1899) Caswell
Woods, Absalom (1874) Lincoln
Woods, Benjamin (1808) Chowan
Woods, Benjamin (1815) Craven
Woods, Elisabeth (1872) Clay
Woods, Freeman (1835) Craven
Woods, Henry (1857) Craven
Woods, Isaac F Currituck
Woods, Isaiah (1778) Craven
Woods, J M (1867) Buncombe
Woods, J R (1906) Caswell
Woods, John (1883) Caswell
Woods, John S (1862) Caswell
Woods, Mary (1818) Craven
Woods, Mary (1830) Caswell
Woods, N H, Sr. (1908) Caldwell
Woods, Peter (1827) Craven
Woods, Samuel (1806) Caswell
Woods, Samuel (1823) Caswell
Woods, Sarah (1842) Lincoln
Woodson, D A (1888) Davidson
Woodson, Ella S (1881) Davie
Woodson, F S (1893) Wake
Woodson, Stephen (1837) Caswell
Woodson, Wade N (1839) Caswell
Woodward, Christopher (1785) Wake
Woodward, D I (1899) Duplin
Woodward, Edward (1765) Chowan
Woodward, Edward (1822) Chowan
Woodward, Elisha (1800) Duplin
Woodward, Jane (1824) Chowan
Woodward, Jethro (1819) Chowan
Woodward, John (1783) Wake
Woodward, John (1803) Duplin
Woodward, Mary H (1893) Wake
Woodward, Richard (1755) Chowan
Woodward, Samuel (1752) Chowan
Woodward, Samuel (1768) Chowan
Woodward, Susannah (1816) Chowan
Woodward, W T (1893) Wake
Woody, F M (1909) Granville
Woody, Frances E (1868) Chatham
Woody, Hugh (1825) Chatham
Woody, J C (1907) Buncombe
Woody, J P (1907) Alamance
Woody, J W (1926) McDowell
Woody, James (1860) Chatham
Woody, John (1925) Caswell
Woody, L H (1904) Yancey
Woody, Mary (1825) Chatham
Woody, R J (1913) Granville
Woody, Rebecca (1921) Granville
Woody, Robert (1849) Chatham
Woody, Thomas (1824) Caswell
Woody, W H (1922) Chatham
Woody, Zeno (1898) Alamance
Woolard, Apley (1888) Beaufort
Woolard, Branson (1885) Beaufort
Woolard, Charles E (1884) Beaufort
Woolard, Edwin T (1891) Beaufort
Woolard, Elijah (1897) Beaufort
Woolard, Elvin (1868) Beaufort
Woolard, Hyman (1880) Beaufort
Woolard, Isaac (1903) Beaufort
Woolard, Ivy H (1878) Beaufort
Woolard, Jordan (1902) Beaufort
Woolard, Joseph (1894) Beaufort
Woolard, Joseph H (1878) Beaufort
Woolard, M L & Soloman (1896) Edgecombe  
Woolard, Martin (1861) Beaufort
Woolard, Perry (1891) Beaufort
Woolard, Richard (1903) Beaufort
Woolard, Riley (1858) Beaufort
Woolard, Robert (1895) Carteret
Woolard, Simon (1873) Beaufort
Woolard, Simon (1879) Beaufort
Woolard, Soloman & Margaret Edgecombe
Woolard, Stephen Wiley (1891) Beaufort
Woolard, William H (1902) Beaufort
Woolcott, Walter (1926) Wake
Woolcott, William (1907) Wake
Woolen, Baxter E (1910) Davidson
Woolhite, Rebecca (1857) Wake
Woollard, Mary (1790) Chowan
Woollard, William (1762) Chowan
Wools, Jacob (1900) Chowan
Woolsey, William, Sr. (1852) Davidson
Woolvin, William H (1907) Pender
Woosley, David (1891) Davidson
Woosley, Fannie (1941) Alamance
Woosley, George W (1930) Davidson
Woosley, Nancy (1896) Davidson
Woosley, S A (1898) Davidson
Woosley, Thomas H (1909) Davidson
Woosley, William (1870) Davidson

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