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NCGS Mission Statement

Our Mission is:
1. to increase interest in and raise the standards of research and compilation by means of educational programs and publications.
2. to acquaint members with research sources and materials in North Carolina and elsewhere.
3. to serve as a medium of exchange of genealogical information.
4. to promote the collection, preservation, and utilization of manuscripts, documents, and other materials of genealogical and historical value.
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Save the Pensions!

Preserve the PensionsDonate Now! Join with the NCGS to support the FGS to raise funds to digitize the War of 1812 pension files and make them accessible online – free and forever!

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Member Benefit: Magazine Discounts

The North Carolina Genealogical Society is pleased to announce a new member benefit: Discounts on two great genealogy publications.

Family Chronicle and Internet Genealogy are offering NCGS members a $25 rate for one-year (six issue) subscriptions or renewals to either or both Family Chronicle and Internet Genealogy. That's a $7.95 savings off the regular rate of $32.95 a year.

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Helping hands photo
     Many times we benefit from friends, acquaintances, or even strangers, who do something special to help us out in one of those tough times we all experience. We desire to show our appreciation for what was done but circumstances make it difficult to do the same kindness for that individual. The concept of “Paying it Forward” has arisen, which means passing on to others the help that was given to you. 
Brick wall photo
     This concept certainly applies in the genealogy world. How many times when we are researching our family tree have we encountered documents relating to our family that another researcher has taken the time to abstract, transcribe, copy and/or publish their findings so it was available to us? Maybe the information helped break down one of those “brick walls”. How can we ever pay back such a priceless find?  
     We can “Pay it Forward” by volunteering our time to the North Carolina Genealogical Society in many different ways. We can transcribe, abstract, proofread, find information, submit research, index, serve on committees, and a host of other activities that will benefit other researchers everywhere, now and in the years to come.  
     You do not have to be a resident of North Carolina to participate! In our Internet connected world, most of these volunteer opportunities can be done from your home. Of course, the NCGS is based in North Carolina, but our members are scattered across the United States - many researchers have found roots here. 
     Not only does volunteering give you an opportunity to "Pay it Forward" by helping other researchers, it helps to improve the North Carolina Genealogical Society. 
     Please take a look at the opportunities below to "Pay it Forward". If you see an opportunity you're interested in, you may use the Volunteer Form, or contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Mabel Dillard, at volunteer@ncgenealogy.org. She will forward your contact information to the appropriate
project coordinator or committee chair. (
The Volunteer Form will be emailed to the Volunteer Coordinater when you click on Submit.)                                                              
(Image source: "Craqure Dans la Brique" by OliBac, 
licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 2.0)    
In you wish to e-mail the Volunteer Coordinator directly, please provide the following information:
Volunteer opportunity you are interested in (more than one is perfectly acceptable!)
Your name, city, and state
Your e-mail address
Your phone number (optional - only needed if you wish to be contacted by phone)
                                VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES 
     The goal is to transcribe the index at the end of the Journal for all the NCGS Journal issues, from 1975-2013. Names and places will be entered into a spreadsheet (provided), that will be searchable to assist individuals to locate which issues mention their families.  
     Volunteers will work on one issue of the Journal at a time, entering the above information onto a pre-formatted spreadsheet. The volunteer should have Microsoft Excel (version 2007 or newer) and Adobe Reader (a free download, if you don't already have it). Windows would be the most compatible operating system, but other operating systems could be used.
    This can be done from your home, and requires no special knowledge. Members can download the assigned Journal issue from the website, but membership in NCGS is not required. If you are not a member, the Journal issue will be sent to you by e-mail. The spreadsheet in which to enter the information will be sent by e-mail to all.
Detailed instructions are available for anyone wishing to help with this project. 
(Image courtesy NCGS)

     Submit transcriptions and abstracts of original documents of NC Genealogical significance. In some cases, the editor can acquire images of original documents so that contributors can work on transcriptions or abstracts from home. 
     Alerting the editor to sources of statewide or broad regional interest that haven't already been abstracted or transcribed elsewhere, particularly for areas that have received less attention in past journals.
     Submit carefully researched and well-documented case studies and methodological articles as well as source material and fillers.
(Image courtesy NCGS)

     The goal is to index and publish an alphabetical surname listing of all extant loose estates records found within the North Carolina Archives county record series, in addition to those found within the colonial records of the Secretary of State and District Courts.
     Explore the results of this project for yourself at the North Carolina, Estate Files, 1663-1979or log onto the FamilySearch website.
   Click on "All Record Collections" in the "Browse by Location" section, then type “North Carolina, Estate Files” in the search box. A partnership with FamilySearch allows this indexing to be done from the comfort of your home. Training is provided through a video tutorial, and a Wikipage for answers to questions is also available. This project uses a special software tool currently compatible with PC (not Mac) computers.
Won’t you offer a little of your time to help finish this project?    
(Image source: "Apprentice Indenture" from Learn NC,
If you would like to assist with the planning and executing of various NCGS activities, consider serving on one of the following committees:  
Watch gearsProgram Committee 
Help plan for upcoming workshops- topics, speaker, and location
Help execute the plans 
Nominating Committee
Secure members willing to serve in various NCGS positions
(Image source: "Replica 1779 Watch" by readerwalker
Publicity committee 
     Do you have a way with words? Want to help NCGS get the word out? Do you like to gather information? The publicity committee provides information about upcoming programs, develops a marketing area, and sends publicity electronically to media and the website. Can you do some of these for NCGS? If so, we want YOU to give NCGS publicity committee a try! 
Technology Committee 
     Volunteers are needed to begin training for delivering upcoming NCGS webinars planned for 2014. You must have access to reliable Internet access, headphones and a microphone, and a curiosity in this new delivery form. This can be done from wherever you live. Training is required and offered for all those interested.

     Do you have an accounting/bookkeeping background? NCGS needs to have an audit of its financial records and would like to have someone volunteer to do this. It would be the perfect opportunity for someone with an accounting/bookkeeping background. This would also be perfect for someone who is retired and has time for this important task. The treasurer will provide guidance.  

Upcoming Events


9:15 am Wednesday, 7 May 2014 - 5:30 pm Saturday, 10 May 2014
NGS 2014 Family History Conference


Friday, 16 May 2014 - Sunday, 18 May 2014
Free Webinar Viewing - Freedmen’s Bureau Records


Friday, 18 July 2014 - Sunday, 20 July 2014
Free Webinar Viewing: an NCGS Webinar Encore! Tarheels in the Family Tree?, Part I


Saturday, 26 July 2014 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Regional Workshop - Tools for Successful Research

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