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Our Mission is:
1. to increase interest in and raise the standards of research and compilation by means of educational programs and publications.
2. to acquaint members with research sources and materials in North Carolina and elsewhere.
3. to serve as a medium of exchange of genealogical information.
4. to promote the collection, preservation, and utilization of manuscripts, documents, and other materials of genealogical and historical value.
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NCGS Webinars – The North Carolina Series

Helen F. M. Leary 


The North Carolina Series of webinars is produced by the North Carolina Genealogical Society for all interested in the history and genealogy of this state and its people. North Carolina’s renowned genealogist, Helen F. M. Leary, CG (Emeritus), FASG, begins the series with the question: "Tarheels in Your Family Tree?".
Genealogists will find that many families came through North Carolina - some stayed, others moved on, and a few returned. The information Ms. Leary and other speakers provide will be useful to all researchers of southern states and their peoples.
The text for this series is North Carolina Research Genealogy and Local History, Helen F. M. Leary, CG, FASG, Editor. It is available in the NCGS Store.
Click Herecyan buttonfor a clip of Helen’s introduction to the North Carolina Series
This page continually under construction - check back often for new content.
 Scroll down the page for some sneak previews and a schedule of upcoming webinars.

Nathaniel Batts Deed 1660-smallWhere They Walked: Working With Deeds

Presented by Kathy Gunter Sullivan, CG

The live webinar scheduled for 18 September 2015 was unfortunately cancelled due to technical reasons. This webinar was subsequently recorded, and was made available to the public for three days of free viewing, over the weekend of 2-4 October 2015.
(Image source: "Nathaniel Batts Deed, 1660", licensed under Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Public Domain, via Wikimedia.) 

The video is now only accessible on the website to NCGS members as a member benefit. NCGS members and non-members may also purchase the webinar on a CD, which includes the handout, from the NCGS online store.

About this webinar:
A one-hour PowerPoint presentation on researching deeds, discussing terminology, the variety of conveyances a researcher may encounter, analyzing details, and following clues to additional resources. Includes a handout. Suitable for all genealogists.

About the presenter:
Kathy Gunter Sullivan, a North Carolina native, has been a Certified Genealogist since 1995. Kathy is experienced in county court dockets, civil and criminal action papers, estate probates, and historic law.
Kathy’s publications include histories of her German-descent Dellinger ancestors as well as transcripts of original records for the counties of Burke, Catawba, Lincoln, and Tryon. In 1990 and again in 2003 she received the North Carolina Genealogical Society's Award for Excellence in Publishing. Her articles have appeared in the National Genealogical Society Magazine, the North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, and numerous regional genealogical society bulletins.
Kathy is a Trustee of the BCG Education Fund, a charitable trust for educational outreach. The Education Fund sponsors the Helen F. M. Leary Distinguished Lecture Series and annual full-day workshops for intermediate and advanced genealogists.
Kathy is an Assistant Editor of OnBoard, the in-house publication for BCG associates. She spearheaded and coordinated the Lincoln County Tax Records database (http://www.ncgenweb.us/lincoln/tax/taxrec.htm). She is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and a Daughter of the American Revolution,
Liberty Hall Chapter.


dnaDNA Testing: The Three Types We Use in Genealogy Research

Presented by Katherine D. Benbow, BA, MSW, LCSW

The live webinar was provided free to the public on 15 May 2015. The recorded webinar was made available to the public for three days of free viewing, over the weekend of 5-7 June 2015.

The video is now only accessible on the website to NCGS members as a member benefit. NCGS members and non-members may also purchase the webinar on a CD, which includes the handout, from the NCGS online store.

(Image source: "DNA", licensed under Creative Commons CC0 1.0, Public Domain, via pixabay)

About this webinar:
Choosing the right DNA test depends on the question you are trying to answer about your ancestry. This presentation will provide an overview of the three types of DNA testing for genetic genealogy purposes: YDNA, MtDNA or mitochondrial DNA, and atDNA or autosomal DNA. Information will be given about the major testing companies with examples of their typical displays and costs.
A case study will be presented detailing the search for the biological ancestral line for a North Carolina ancestor whose results did not match the supposed family of origin. This involved the use of Y-DNA and atDNA testing.
Ms. Benbow will recommend various resources available for further learning, including some for adoptees.

About the presenter:
A North Carolina native, Katherine D. Benbow, received her BA degree from Hollins College and her MSW degree from the University of Denver. She is licensed by the state of North Carolina as a clinical social worker. Katherine has completed eight courses at the Samford Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research and the Welsh Research course at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy.
Katherine is the administrator of seven projects at Family Tree DNA: six surname (Y-DNA) projects and one atDNA project. She is the historian for the Charles Benbow Family.
Ms. Benbow is the past State Coordinator and Western Piedmont Coordinator for NCGenWeb. Currently she is a board advisor for NCGW and coordinates five counties in that project. Her affiliations include the National Genealogical Society, New England Historic Genealogical Society, North Carolina Genealogical Society, Virginia Genealogical Society, and several county genealogical societies. She has presented talks on the subject of genetic genealogy to NCGS and the Guilford County Genealogical Society in the past.


Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina-128pxHow Old Did He Have To Be...?

Presented by Judy Russell, JD, CG, CGL

The live webinar was presented on 13 March 2015.
This video was made available to the public for three days of free viewing on 3-5 April 2015.

The video is now only accessible on the website to NCGS members as a member benefit. NCGS members and non-members may also purchase the webinar on a CD, which includes the handout, from the NCGS online store.

(Image source: "The Carolina Constitution" by John Locke, licensed under Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain)

About this webinar:
Is this man John the father or John the son? Could that man be my ancestor who married in 1802?
Knowing a person’s age is often the key to distinguishing between two people of the same name. But if no record gives a birthdate, how do you know how old someone was? The law can often give the answer.

About the presenter:
The Legal Genealogist Judy G. Russell is a genealogist with a law degree. She writes, teaches, and lectures on a wide variety of genealogical topics, ranging from using court records in family history to understanding DNA testing. A Colorado native with roots deep in the American south on her mother’s side and entirely in Germany on her father’s side, she is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, the National Genealogical Society, and numerous state and regional genealogical societies. She has written for the National Genealogical Society Quarterly and National Genealogical Society Magazine, among other publications. On the faculty of the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research in Alabama, and the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh, she is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Board for Certification of Genealogists, from which she holds credentials as a Certified GenealogistSM and Certified Genealogical LecturerSM.


Sneak Previews!

These short clips give insight into the content of some of our recorded webinars. (Click the green button next to the name.) The full webinar recordings are always available to NCGS members. (More to come - check back often!)

cyan buttonFinding a North Carolina Revolutionary War Ancestor with Craig R. Scott

cyan buttonFreedmen's Bureau Records with Diane L. Richard

cyan buttonHow Old Did He Have To Be...? with Judy G. Russell

cyan buttonMapping Your Ancestors' Land: How to Do It - And Why Bother with Helen F. M. Leary

cyan buttonMissing Mothers with Helen F. M. Leary

cyan buttonNorth Carolina Taxes: People, Places, Time & Delinquency with J. Mark Lowe

cyan buttonPre-1913 Vital Records - Challenging & Elusive & Not Necessarily Impossible to Find with Diane L. Richard

cyan buttonProving Parentage with Probate Records: North Carolina Inheritance Laws with Helen F. M. Leary

cyan buttonTarheels in Your Family Tree?, Part 1 with Helen F. M. Leary

cyan buttonTarheels in Your Family Tree?, Part 2 with Helen F. M. Leary

cyan button"The Goodliest Soyle" - Finding, Reading, & Interpreting North Carolina Land Records with Helen F. M. Leary

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